Up the River Ouse to York

This post is late. I know that because I’ve been nagged to get it done which surprised me as I didn’t actually think that anyone read it! Trouble is, we did so much stuff in York and Ripon and I was worried that it was going to end up like a ‘what I did in my holidays’ essay. I decided to split it up into several posts so you’ll get several small ‘what I did in my holidays’ essays instead of just one big one. Aren’t you lucky!

York City Walls

Any trip to York has to involve a walk around the city walls. More or less everything you might want to see is within the walls in a couple of square miles and beginning your visit with a walk around gives you a real sense of perspective.

The Minster from York City Walls

Clifford’s Tower (with me at the top of the steps!)

It took us the best part of a day to walk the three or so miles because we stopped off to visit places like Clifford’s Tower and the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall and of course visit the odd Hostelry (on this occasion it was the Last Drop Inn – highly recommended for its food and its beer).

The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall

The Shambles








We also had a look around the Shambles which disappointed me a bit as I’d somehow remembered it from my last visit as a whole district rather than just one street. Still, it’s a very picturesque one street.

All in all it amounted to a wonderful day out and there was still so much left to see and do.

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