Up the River Ure to Ripon

We had a visitor when we got to Ripon – we were joined by Steve from Cornwall for a couple of days. It was great to see him but it was also great to take advantage of his car to go to Fountains Abbey for a day trip. We could have done it on the bus but it’s nice sometimes to have a bit of luxury!

It’s an incredible site – well worth a visit if you’re up that way.

Ripon Cathedral is also well worth a look.

It’s got some really camp kings………

…as well as some lovely stained glass.After a quick dinner at ‘spoons we paid a visit to the Market Square at 9pm to watch the Ripon Wakeman do his thing.  He (or one of his predecessors) has apparently been blowing his horn at each corner of the Obelisk in Ripon Market Square at precisely 9pm every evening for over 1000 years. I won’t go into details here but If you’re curious you can visit http://www.ripon-internet.com/ripon-history.html.

Waving a tearful goodbye to Steve, we headed down the Ure (which mysteriously becomes the Ouse half way along)..

…and back to York.

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One Response to Up the River Ure to Ripon

  1. Steve says:

    Fountains abbey, as Dot says, is a must when up this way. It always amazes me how they were built considering there were no ‘jcb’s’ back then.
    Once again my thanks to Dot and Gordon for having me.

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