A walk to the top of ‘The Cloud’

It was an absolutely glorious day today so we thought we’d have a go at climbing up “The Cloud”. I must admit that the view of it from the boat was a little daunting. It looked so far away and so tall!

Getting a bit closer didn’t make it appear any smaller.

Still, having slipped and slid our way up an almost vertical muddy path (my idea of walking hell), the view from the top was more than worth it.
The slight bumps in the background are the Pennines which gives you an idea of how far away they are!

Just to prove we actually got there.








If you click on the photo below and look really really carefully you’ll just be able to make out our boat. It’s on the Macclesfield Canal – behind the plume of smoke

Much to my relief we found a much easier way down – it added a couple of miles to the walk but it was well worth it. I was convinced that if I’d had to go back down the path we climbed up I’d have had to do it on my backside. Not a good look!

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4 Responses to A walk to the top of ‘The Cloud’

  1. Sue E says:

    Awesome, Spot – we’ve just been out looking at the autumn colour too – superb crisp autumn day.. and I’ve just ordered the first (proof) copy of my book from the publishers, should be in my hands in a few days….

  2. Steve says:

    What a cracking view, it must be a fair height up there.
    Spotted the boat straight away, or is that Strait and Narrow.

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