Catching up!

I’ve been particularly slack about updating the blog over the last three months. This is a quick resume of what we’ve been up to.

We went through the Standedge Tunnel.

2012-10-04 14.30.09

It’s a tight fit so they measure you before you set off to make sure you’ll fit.  We were sitting too high in the water so they ended up putting loads of water containers in the front to weigh us down.

2012-10-05 08.09.47

In the end we JUST managed to get down to the correct height and spent one and three quarter hours or so squeezing the boat through the 3.25 miles of the tunnel. Not a trip to undertake if you suffer from claustrophobia!

Standedge TunnelA Canal & River Trust guy accompanies you and warns of any particularly tricky bits – he carries a sensitive gas detector so it’s probably as well that we hadn’t had curry for lunch.

This was followed by a trip up the beautiful Peak Forest Canal and a stay in Bugsworth Basin. Once upon a time it was the busiest port on the narrow canal system and it’s a fascinating place to visit as there’s still enough of the original buildings left to give you a good idea of how it all worked.

Bugsworth Basin

Next was a stop off in Macclesfield on 5th November to see George Borowski & the Fabulous Wonderfuls in  Cabin 5010 in Macclesfield. Great venue, great music and fireworks too!

2012-11-05 23.49.10

After a trip up the Caldon Canal we settled into our winter moorings at Aston Marina near Stone.

Aston Marina - January 2012

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