Ice Cold in Macclesfield

When you’re boating you get some absolutely incredible days but, to be frank, you also get some that are just a bit shit. Today’s trip up the Bosley Locks to the Gurnett Aqueduct just outside Macclesfield veered between the two extremes. It was cold, windy and snowy which made for some incredible scenery.


A view of The Cloud along a very icy canal


Every bridge was bedecked with icicles – very Christmasy – shame it’s nearly Easter

But it also made for some difficult boating with the wind catching the boat and pinning it to the bank and ice around the locks making working them quite treacherous.


Snowdrifts around this lock made it a touch tricky to work

It was good to have Ray and Diane to help out and offer moral support.


Diane looking heroic while she helps out at one of the locks

We were glad to arrive at our destination. We were also glad to get to the King’s Head at Gurnett for a couple of drinks, a lovely fire and some good jazz.

DotKingsHead GordonKingsHead


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3 Responses to Ice Cold in Macclesfield

  1. Sue E says:

    I knew there was at least one good reason why I didn’t want to live on a boat…

  2. Ian says:

    That beer looks well earned. Saw Jenny and Ellie this weekend and had a great time with them. Also saw Jamie at his work – he looks very at home among all that craft beer!

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