Hello Goodbye (“I don’t know why you say goodbye I say hello”)

Our ‘Ferndale’ umbilical cord has proved to be a bit sturdier than expected. As Diane pointed out it’s more stretched than cut. Leaving Gurnett Aqueduct the day after Ray & Diane we managed to catch up with them in Marple at the junction between the Macclesfield & the Peak Forest canals. Their friends were pretending not to be home so there was no point in them carrying on down the locks and the canal between Marple and Bugsworth Basin was pretty icy so we decided to stay put for the Easter weekend.


“..and don’t come back either!” Elaine on Caxton making sure we leave Macclesfield while looking particularly fetching in her leopardskin jim jams

Reunited with my mate Banjo!

Reunited with my mate Banjo – that dog can spot a sucker when he meets one!

Gordon was laying new vinyl in the kitchen and bathroom so I was banished to keep me from getting underfoot.

Ray, Diane, Banjo and I took advantage of a cold but beautiful day to walk up hill and down dale visiting Marple village,  Mellor Mill and the confusingly named Roman Lakes. (They’re not Roman but were created by Samuel Oldknow in the late 1700s to store water from the re-routed Goyt River to power Mellor Mill.)


Goyt Viaduct


Tree stump in Mellor Mill


Ray, Diane & Banjo inside Mellor Mill


A peacock looking beautiful beside the Roman Lakes


Ray Diane & Banjo on the ‘Roman’ Bridge


Trekking up the hill from the Roman Bridge to get back to the Peak Forest Canal

Gordon, having seen the photos and completed his floor laying duties, has decided that he wants to do the walk too so he and I are heading out for an Easter Sunday stroll. We’ve said goodbye to Ray and Diane yet again as they head down the locks but we’ll be saying hello again tomorrow. I’m afraid they just can’t get rid of us! We’ll be congregating in Ashton with Elaine & Paul on Caxton and Meagan & Peter on Moon Shadow (all Aussies!) to complete the journey up the dreaded Ashton Locks mob handed.

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