A trip to London

Last weekend we put the boat in a marina and headed down to London to go to a birthday party.  We had the whole of Friday night and Saturday day time to play with and managed to fill every spare minute.

We did some sightseeing. The weather was brilliant so we were able to wander around happily without getting drenched or frozen. This was my first time seeing The Shard. We didn’t have time to take in the view from the top – definitely something I’d love to do in the future.


View of The Shard


Reflection of The Shard


This looks like a great way to sight see – shame about their taste in beer.


Fantastic fishies atop the Old Billingsgate Fish Market


Vauxhall Bridge with the MI6 building

TowerBridge TowerShard

We went to Borough Market -one of my favourite London experiences. Luckily for the bank balance and much to Gordon’s relief we weren’t able to buy too much as we’d have had to keep it for a day and then cart it back to Doncaster on the coach.



Having seen what happened to the langoustine the gurnard’s looking a little alarmed.


Garlic anyone?


Not a stray apostrophe in sight!


Perhaps I should have asked her to say cheese?


Looks a lot more tempting than the average supermarket offering!

We managed an evening of drinking and eating with Ian and Shona on Friday night. It was great to spend some time with them and have a proper catch up before the mayhem of the party on Saturday.


Gordon & Ian in Cask


My grandson Jamie behind the bar in Cask – a great pub in Pimlico if you like real ale



Ian, Shona and I in the Stormbird in Camberwell. I loved those beer glasses.

We ate at Pasha which was where we were staying for the weekend. It’s the first time any of us had tried Kazakh cuisine and we were all very impressed.


The restaurant in the Pasha Hotel, Camberwell


Finally we got to the point of the visit – Shona’s Birthday Party and a very good party it was too.


Happy Birthday Shona!

2013-04-27 19.48.44 GregNina 2013-04-27 20.10.53 2013-04-27 20.12.22 LennyMegan

Thank you Shona and Ian for making our weekend so enjoyable!

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One Response to A trip to London

  1. Ian says:

    Hi Dot and Gordon. It was great to see you last weekend. That restaurant was mad. Glad you got a chance to look around a bit too.

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