Pastures new

We’re in virgin territory again – everything now and for the rest of the season is absolutely new to us – and summer’s arrived to boot! What more could we want?

We’ve come up the Trent to Torksey and onto the Fossdyke navigation heading towards our date with The Wash which, weather permitting, should happen between the 8th and 13th of June.  I’ve gone through our ‘Cross the Wash’ checklist and made as sure as I possibly can that we’ve got everything organised that needs to be organised. Balmaha’s Blog post about crossing the Wash has been invaluable, providing just about all the information I could have wanted and saving me hours in research time.

In the meantime we’ve got the Fossdyke Navigation and the River Witham to enjoy on our way down to Boston.


Lovely moorings at Saxilby on the Fossdyke Navigation

We’ve just left Lincoln after a stay of a few days and I reckon it’s one of the best places we’ve ever visited. It certainly gives York a run for its money. 

You come in to the city centre through High Bridge, known as the Glory Hole…..


High Bridge Lincoln – the oldest medieval bridge in England with houses built on it

….under the Empowerment sculpture……


Designed by Stephen Broadbent and funded by Siemens, Empowerment is intended to remind us of turbine blades in acknowledgement of Lincoln’s industrial heritage.

….past the Witch and Wardrobe pub.


Taken from the Visit Lincoln website – “Dating to the 13th century, this building has been a chip shop, a fish mongers and even a brothel before its current use as a pub. There have been reports of paranormal activity at the pub, including a former brothel employee on the first floor with her lover.”

Well who’d have thought it – paranormal porn!

We moored up before Stamp End Lock. It’s right by a busy road and is noisy during the day but it’s quiet enough at night and we had nesting swans as neighbours! The gate off these moorings is just by the nest so we were very glad that the swans  must have got used to boaters and weren’t too aggressive. 


Mooring in the middle of Lincoln next to a pair of nesting swans. Notice the swanky new rail on the back of the boat!

We bought a ‘Visit Lincoln’ pass which gave us three days’ worth of access to the Cathedral, the Bishop’s Palace and the Castle.  All of these are within a stroll (o.k. a steep stroll) of the moorings. I’ll leave describing our stay in Lincoln for another post – or, as it was so good, maybe two.

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2 Responses to Pastures new

  1. Sue E says:

    Virgin territory, Spot? You sure you’re in the right place?? Mind you – looks ansum..

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