Visit to Lincoln (part the second)

Lincoln Cathedral was the next location on our whistle-stop tour of Lincoln. I don’t reckon I need to say much about it apart from the fact that it’s right up there with York Minster.


Reflections of stained glass on the floor of the nave. These cathedral builders certainly knew how to make the most of light.


Detail of a Victorian window in the south wall of the nave.


The Bishop’s Eye rose window in the south east transept.


The east window is the largest 13th century window in the world but was re-glazed in 1855


Adam and Eve being expelled from Eden – detail from the east window.


View from a cloister window


View of the outside of the cathedral from the cloister gardens

This visit, along with another chance to see the peregrines in action would have made for a wonderful day out on its own but we also managed to squeeze in a visit to the Ellis Mill – a working windmill dating from 1798. It’s the only remaining one of nine mills that ranged side by side along the appropriately named Mill Road taking advantage of what seems to be the only hill in the area to make the most of the available wind.


View of the mill with a couple of the volunteers manning it.


Us outside the windmill – a rare photo of us together!


The windmill’s internal workings

Of course I took the opportunity to buy some of their wholemeal flour. I’ve not yet had the chance to test it out but am looking forward to trying a loaf made with Lincolnshire wheat milled in the traditional way.

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3 Responses to Visit to Lincoln (part the second)

  1. Sue E says:

    Spot, you’re looking as good as I’ve seen you in a long while there – well done maid…canal life seems to suit you 😉

  2. diane says:

    Lovely stained glass wimdows. You are looking fabulous Dot : )

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