Relaxing on the River Wissey

For the last few days we’ve been recovering from our adrenalin fuelled crossing of the Wash, taking our time and easing ourselves back into a slower pace. You’d be hard pushed to find somewhere more suitable for relaxing than the River Wissey. It’s the first of the three navigable tributaries that you meet when you pass through Denver Sluice. It’s small, it’s pretty and there’s not a great deal going on which suits us perfectly.


Junction of the Great Ouse and the River Wissey

Our decision to become members of GOBA (the Great Ouse Boating Association) paid off straight away giving us free access to this lovely GOBA mooring. Nothing and no-one around and a lovely sunny evening to enjoy it all.


Our lovely GOBA mooring near the entrance to the  Wissey


Enjoying the sunset from the back of the boat

The next day I set out to walk the first couple of miles to Hilgay with Gordon giving me a head start and meeting me there.  It was worth the effort, you get a totally different view of the river from the top of the flood prevention dykes than from the river itself.


Local boat with an ingenious pram cover and a Cornish name which translates as something like ‘God’s Joy’ I think


Sheep looking at me looking at them


There are loads of these gates along the dyke  – the sign on this one is particularly groan-worthy

For the most part the river is fairly narrow and rural…


…but at Wissington it suddenly opens out into a series of lakes…


The lake at Wissington

…with a massive and pretty smelly sugar beet factory


The sugar beet factory on the lake at Wissington

Then it goes back to being narrow, peaceful and full of wildlife.



This heron was undisturbed by our boat passing and so I was able to get a fairly reasonable photograph for a change


If the other two tributaries, the Little Ouse and the Lark are anything like as lovely, we’re in for a great few days cruising.

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