Yet another birthday celebration

Another weekend in Ely, another birthday celebration. This time it was an early 60th party for me. Organising this mob is a bit like herding cats so I was really lucky to get this many in one place at the same time!  I’m happy as Gordon and I can celebrate all over again next month!

The party started on the Friday night with Shona, Ian, Ellie and Robert. We had a few drinkies (OK quite a few drinkies) and a burger in the amusingly named Prince Albert pub.


Not the best of photographs but not that bad considering we hijacked a passing drunk to take it!

On Saturday night the rest of the mob arrived and we went to the Boathouse (Gordon and my second Saturday there in a row) and had another lovely meal, some great conversation with a fairly large smattering of hilarity and oodles of silliness probably helped along by a fair amount of alcohol!


In attendance (down the left hand side of the table) Gordon, Yorkshire Greg, Sue, Clive, Diane, Ali, Ian with Aussie Greg at the bottom (down the right hand side) Me, Ray, Jenny, Shona, Robert and Ellie


Gordon and I with Jenny and Ellie – rare these days to get us all in one place – it really made it a very special occasion for me


Ray giving me health and safety advice on the cutting of the birthday cake


Me and my gorgeous girls


Me again with Jen and Al (and a 60 sticker on my forehead)


El and Shona – it was lovely to have Ian and Shona there as they’ll shortly be back off to Oz and lord alone knows when we’ll get together again!


Ian looking uncharacteristically angelic while Shona bats away a balloon


Sue and Greg who came all the way from the wilds of Yorkshire!


Robert with Aussie Greg


Diane – looking happy with her pudding!


Clive looking happy flanked by Sue and Diane

The following day we had loads of visitors to the boat (a great chance to add a few people ‘on the poop deck’) and got to say a fairly hungover goodbye in some glorious sunshine. The ‘youngsters’ had gone on to sample some of the delights of Ely’s night life and were feeling a touch jaded!


Group shot with Ian and Shona before some very emotional goodbyes.

I really couldn’t have had a better early birthday celebration. Thank you to everyone who turned up and made it a weekend to remember!


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