Gordon saves the day!

We’ve been moored on a wonderfully quiet GOBA mooring while I’ve been finishing off some stained glass roundels for my friend Leanne. They’re going to be installed in the risers of her stairs with lights behind them. Lets hope she likes them!

2011-10-02 20.16.05

It was a lovely spot there with damsel flies in abundance and complete peace and quiet as you couldn’t get anywhere from the mooring – nor could the world get to you except by river.


There were hundreds of banded demoiselle flies


Gordon was on constant rescue the damselfly from the inside of the boat duty

Reluctantly we left – we needed water to top up the water – and headed for St Ives (the Cambridgeshire one of course!) Not too long after we started off an elderly lady waved and shouted. Initially we just waved back and smiled but then we realised that she had a problem. One of her dogs, a lovely chocolate labrador, had fallen into the river and couldn’t get back up as the bank was very steep and muddy and she just couldn’t get out again.


Gordon managed to move the nose of the boat alongside the dog and I tried to help her out but no luck – I just couldn’t reach. Gordon saved the day. Using his fisherman skills he hoiked her out by the collar and landed her in the cratch like a large fish! He then managed to lift her far enough up the bank so she could scramble back up. One very relieved dog, a very grateful owner and us feeling like we’d performed our good deed for the day.

On the way we got to thinking about our friends Ray and Diane aboard nb Ferndale and their ‘get a Dutch Barge for £50 dilemma’. We decided to keep a look out as this is definitely Dutch Barge country. I reckon we’ve found a couple of likely candidates.


This one might be a bit out of the price range – it’s practically a sailaway!


A bit of work and this one could be a go-er

What do you think Ray?

Along the way we met this unusual work party including a pair of divers heading towards St Ives Lock. I wonder what they were planning?


St Ives itself seems like a lovely town and we’re planning on spending a couple of days here and including a second visit to Cambridge.


St Ives 15th century bridge and chapel


A wonderful tree at the bottom of a St Ives garden – made me think of Australian Boabs

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2 Responses to Gordon saves the day!

  1. ray pearce says:

    I am thinking i could probably have some change out of the 50 quid after buying it and then sell it for scrap which should be worth more and eventually i could trade my way up to Dutch Barge status.
    Now if only Diane will give me back the 50 quid!

    • ewnhacul says:

      Don’t think your chances of a £50 donation from Diane for a Dutch Barge are shining. Couldn’t you fib a bit and tell her you’re getting a solar panel or something?

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