Cambridge again

From St Ives you can catch the ‘guided bus’ to Cambridge so, last Saturday, we gave it a go. I must admit I thought it was a bit higher tech than it actually proved to be. I was imagining some driverless wonder that travelled automatically. Nope – it’s just ordinary buses travelling along an adapted railway track. Quick and efficient but not quite as futuristic as I’d hoped. Unfortunately it was on the following day that we met someone who warned us never to go into Cambridge on a summer weekend. It was heaving!


Crowded Cambridge with two of the ‘guided’ buses going over the bridge.

We wanted to take a walk around Jesus Green to see where we would have moored if we’d been willing to stump up £90, visit  the Round Church and Kings College Chapel. We started off in the Round Church (the Church of the Holy Sepulchre).


Inside the Round Church


One of the 19th century carved heads – all have particularly scary eyes.


Another rather sinister looking 19th century carved head


15th Century wooden carved angels

We then walked around to King’s College but decided to give that a miss on account of the massive queue to get in! If we get a chance we’ll go again mid week and hopefully it won’t be so packed.

On to Jesus Green where I got to see some seriously nice barges. Gordon pretended to be looking at the barges but I’m positive that the pretty ladies with not very much on got some attention as well!


I particularly fell in love with this barge but it would undoubtedly fall well outside our price range.

It was a perfect day to see Jesus Green at its best and even though the crowds were out in force here too it didn’t feel anywhere near as oppressive as the centre of the city.


Enjoying Jesus Green on a lovely sunny Saturday

I loved this wicker houseboat with its wicker boxing hares.


After a lovely lunch and a couple of Mexican beers at Las Iguanas we headed back to St Ives where we chanced upon this duo playing some incredible Soul and R & B in the garden of the newly opened Floods Tavern. They’re a small part of the Freddy Hall Band and on this performance I’d love to get a chance to see the full band. Freddy Hall has a seriously good voice and a brilliant stage presence.


The Freddy Hall and Duncan Maletka Duo singing in the garden of Floods Tavern St Ives



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