My Official 60th Birthday

As I’ve had more than birthday celebrations than the Queen I thought I’d better get a photograph taken in a suitably regal pose!

LadyMuckIt was a surprisingly comfortable chair carved from a tree stump in Holt Island Nature Reserve in St Ives – shame it doesn’t fit in the cratch – I really could be the Queen of F***ing everything sat at the front of the boat in this! We called in there on the walk to Houghton Mill – yes another flour mill and another trek back for Gordon this time carrying 6 kilos of flour. It’s as well he enjoys home made bread otherwise I’d probably never be able to cajole him into lugging it back to the boat.

It must be a very wealthy area around here – the houses are picture perfect and obviously worth a fortune. It’s amazing that they allow peasants like us to get so close!

ThatchedHouseHoughton2 ThatchedHouseHoughton1


St Ives basking in the sunshine

We left St Ives and headed up river towards Bedford bypassing the Hemmingfords and making a mental note to stop there on the way back – it looks like such a lovely mooring.


Idyllic mooring at Hemmingford


Goose startled by the boat

In the end we stopped at a GOBA mooring at Brampton Lock. We were sitting very happily in the shade of the boat when we got some unexpected visitors.


Surrounded by his family he really wasn’t interested in us at all

Despite his lack of interest in us we decided to up sticks and get back on the boat – just in case!

Our next stop was at St Neots on a baking hot shadeless mooring surrounded by kids enjoying themselves incredibly loudly but not causing any problems. Unfortunately we were stuck there for a couple of days while we awaited the delivery of some engine mountings. Gordon managed to get some paintwork done on the boat and I made some jam. Apart from that we just sweltered in the heat and wished we had earplugs. 


Gordon takes advantage of a brief period of early morning shade to undercoat the side of the boat

We’ve moved on to Great Barford and Gordon’s taking me for dinner in the Anchor Inn for my official birthday celebration – perfect.

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3 Responses to My Official 60th Birthday

  1. Elly says:

    Happy Official Birthday Dot!
    Elly & Mick xx

  2. Roger G says:

    Seems strange to think I lived there in St. Ives. Happy birthday Dot. At least I found your blog in the end :o) x

    • ewnhacul says:

      I didn’t know you’d got St Ives connections Roger – glad you’ve found the blog – you can keep up with where we are and perhaps manage a visit x

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