…and back again

The weather was still glorious as we left Bedford and headed back towards Great Barford. At Bedford Lock we met The Artful Dodger from Danish Camp. If you look a bit more closely you’ll see they have a very unusual passenger.


….a European Eagle Owl – beautiful! That has to count as the most exotic pet I’ve seen on a boat.


Despite the glorious weather, Gordon’s mind has been turning towards winter and the collection of wood. The roof has been gloriously clear over the last couple of months but that is now a thing of the past. He’s had his eye out constantly for just the right potential fuel.

Too big!


Way too big!!


Too dangerous!


At last he found some that was, like baby bear’s porridge, just right, and managed to start his collection.


It’s a great shame he couldn’t have picked up any of the bigger bits as maybe I’d have been able to have one of these to sit on in the cratch.


We spent another lovely couple of days in Great Barford, including a great Friday night out in the Anchor where we met Andy and Jay, a couple of boaters who live permanently in Great Barford on a rough mooring owned by the London Angling Association. They get free mooring rights for policing the local stretch of river and selling the odd day pass from their boat. It sounds like a good deal until you realise that last year on one occasion during the floods, they had to use chest waders to get off their boat! Can’t say I’d fancy that.

On Saturday we were a bit jaded after our Friday excesses (OK Gordon was fine as usual – I was the one who was a bit jaded) but we still managed to walk the three miles to Tempsford so I could invest even more money in stained glass while I had the chance. We got back in time to be visited by Greg Tomb – the second time this year which is definitely a record! It was really great to see him and spend a few quiet hours nattering. We’re in very much in range of where he lives now so I reckon we’ll be seeing him again.

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