Egrets, I’ve had a few but then again…….

I’ve used this title to find out if my daughters actually do read the blog. If they do then I’ll hear the groan at mother’s appalling and predictable joke from here!

We have seen more than a few Little Egrets on our travels this week as we headed back towards Ely through the tidal stretch of the Great Ouse at Earith.

Egret MuddyEgret

We also encountered the mother seal and her pup again – though this time the mother was relaxing on the mud…


…while the youngster caught its own supper.


You can’t see in this photograph but it’s actually caught a rather large fish and is having some difficulty in dealing with it.

Before all that though we spent a couple of days in the picture perfect village of Hemingford Grey. Lots of pretty thatched houses…

HemingfordGreyHouse1 HemingfordHouse2

….they even thatch their boathouses. I don’t reckon even an MP could claim this on their expenses!


With cottage gardens full of lavender alive with bees.


The mooring there is really pretty and very popular. We were glad we got there early as every space was taken up within a couple of hours of us arriving. You do have to watch where you put your feet though as it’s patrolled by a herd of cows who keep the grass mown perfectly but do tend to fertilise it as well.


There’s a line of trees all along the mooring – I don’t know what they are but they’re contorted into some great shapes.


Gordon took advantage of the good weather to carry on with the painting of the boat. He’d done the undercoating of one side and very carefully drew on the celtic knot and lettering and painstakingly outlined them in the background green.

GordonConcentrates GreenDoneWorked out OK didn’t it? Just a few more days’ work should see that side finished then he can apply all the lessons he’s learned to painting the other side.

I spent some time working on the first of Ray and Diane’s Ferndale lamps…


…the rest of it I spent nattering to new friends Anne and John from nb Fenland Fox. Anne makes amazing patchwork and was interested in the stained glass I was doing and John works as an IT specialist for a group of local schools. We had some fascinating chats (well they interested us anyway) – I do hope we can catch up again before we leave the Great Ouse system.

When we set out from Hemingford we intended to stop around Earith but Gordon decided to spend the day travelling despite the forecast wind and rain in order to arrive at a mooring where he could paint for two whole days when the weather improves. Good plan! As it turned out there was very little rain while we travelled. There was a boat with a cheesy grin….


…and a man training a very enthusiastic Newfoundland (I think) Leonberger (thank you Paul) dog to pull a boat


NewfoundlandTowingBoat…but very little rain while we were cruising. When we arrived the heavens opened and there was the most spectacular rain storm.

BoatRainI sat snugly in the cratch and watched the rain bouncing off the river. Wonderful!

These conditions produced a truly spectacular sunset. First of all the sky over the river was highlighted in tones of muted pink and purple.


This was just a pale reflection of the sunset on the other side of the sky


What a beautiful way to end the day.

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6 Responses to Egrets, I’ve had a few but then again…….

  1. paul says:

    Hi Dot, Pretty sure that the dog is a Leonberger, they are used as water rescue dogs! See I do know other stuff apart from steam trains.
    Paul xx

    • ewnhacul says:

      Thanks smarty pants! The colour didn’t look right for a Newfoundland – I’ve never heard of a Leonberger though. He was gorgeous and so keen to get into the river that he nearly turned the boat over! xxx

  2. Sue E says:

    Audible groan from St Just… some great pics tho there Spot… and lovely doggy…

  3. diane says:

    Great photos and wonderful lamp. Good boat painting so now i think Ray can paint ours too. Ray not so happy that I have added it to the list.

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