Jaunt to Kings Lynn

Kings Lynn is a short trip by train from Downham Market so it would have been rude not to have visited it. We’d heard tales of how run down it is and weren’t expecting much. The centre is pretty run of the mill but if you head down towards the river you find yourself in the middle of a much older town with a wonderful mixture of buildings.


Custom House Quay with its statue of Captain George Vancouver, British naval officer and explorer after whom Vancouver is named.


The 15th century Hanseatic Warehouse which is the only surviving Hansa building in England.


The Valiant Sailor – was a public house from 1600 to 1925 but now a private dwelling


The 15th century Town Hall and Trinity Guildhall

Gordon was in his element as there was water and boats to look at

OldBouys GordonBoat

Kings Lynn has obviously been susceptible to flooding! The heights as marked on St Margarets Church are not that impressive compared to high water marks on pubs in York until you realise that you’re a block away from the river here.


Gordon took the opportunity to visit the local Halfords and B & Q while I treated myself to a leisurely stroll through ‘The Walks’, a lovely park which has been developed over a couple of centuries.


Carved from a dead tree trunk, this monk was vandalised just after it was installed in 2010. He’s obviously been expertly repaired because there’s no sign of the damage now.


Red Mount Chapel built – like much of old Kings Lynn – in the 15th century. It acted as a wayside chapel for pilgrims on the way to Walsingham.

BroadWalk Bandstand

All in all, a very pleasant day out.

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