Steam trains and street theatre

One thing we really wanted to do while we were in Peterborough was to visit the Nene Valley Railway. We decided to spend the morning doing that and then try to see all the acts performing in the Embankment field in the afternoon.

We’ve visited a few steam railways but there is so much to look at here.

Choo Choo



We met Thomas, though he wasn’t working that day.



Gordon playing at being a train driver

The real thing

20130908_113237We didn’t have a 50p piece to play trains on this model railway at Railworld beside the Peterborough Nene Valley Station – shame!


With all this AND a ride on the steam train I could very happily have spent all day here but if we were going to see any of the Art Festival events we needed to get back to the boat. It was well worth it.

There was a mixture of acrobatics, trapeze, clowning and striptease from Collectif Malunes.



More clowning and acrobatics from Exeter based group Le Navet Bete



London dance group C12 performing a ballet for five supermarket trolleys called oddly enough, Trolleys.


Lost in Translation Circus performing Le Ballade de Bergerac



And yes, Sue, we did find out what that contraption was for.


FullyClothed LaRotative1Some pretty nifty acrobatics with a fair smattering of clowning thrown in by a group called La Rotative. He even did it blindfold in his boxers!


It really was a great afternoon’s free entertainment from some top class international acts and I got to sit in an enormous deck chair.


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2 Responses to Steam trains and street theatre

  1. Anne R says:

    Just wondered if that was Gordon on top of that contraption?? In his white underpants…..

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