Ewn Ha Cul poses with the stars of track & rail

Last Saturday we finally left Peterborough. We had only intended to stay a few days but were seduced by the amazing entertainment into hanging around for nearly a fortnight! We moved a few miles up river to Ferry Meadows – a lovely park with moorings.


Here we got together with Jo and Dave from Panacea and were also visited by Anne from Fenland Fox (minus her boat). I don’t think we’ve been so sociable since we parted ways with the Aston Marina crowd at Manchester. Much cake was consumed and then we had a walk to try (vainly I’m afraid) to exercise some of those calories away.


This spectacular sculpture, called Sentinel,was carved by artist Jason Thomson from the trunk of a large Elm tree killed by Dutch Elm Disease.


Jo shows her playful side astride the wooden sculpture of a duck. Not sure if she’s saying Yee Ha! or Ooh me back!

On Sunday we waved goodbye to Jo and Dave …


…and moved on to Wansford Station on the Nene Valley Railway where, much to our delight, we found ourselves in the middle of a Steam Gala. We were moored in a spot right under the railway bridge with a brilliant view of the trains. I make no apology for the steam train porn that follows!


Ewn Ha Cul Posing with Thomas the Tank Engine!





Trains4Another spectacular show on one of the most fortuitous moorings we’ve ever had I reckon!


Oh, and I forgot to mention that a plane kept flying overhead and dropping out parachutists – there were dozens of the buggers!

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