Busy, busy busy…

As well as finding loads of time to enjoy ourselves, we’ve been busy finishing off various projects. Gordon, having got the idea from one of the Waterways World magazines donated to him by Chris from smiley boat Brindley, has been making an Eco Fan. These cost around £100 to buy so well worth the effort. He needed a heat sink from an old computer, a small motor, something to act as a fan blade and a thermo electric chip. We’ve been on the hunt for these items ever since Ely. The heat sink he got from a computer shop – £2, the motor from a model shop – £3, the thermo electric chip from Amazon – £3.69 (including free delivery) and the fan – blades from a model giro-copter – £5 for a pack of two sets (keeping Gordon amused for a day or so while I was doing glass – priceless).  Total for one fan £11.19 – bargain.  The other bits and bobs, wiring, metal for the stand etc he already had in his hoard of ‘will come in handy one day’ stuff.  This is what it all looked like before he set to work.


..and when he finished it looked like this.


What’s more it actually works! When you light the fire the thermo electric chip warms up on one side, is cooled by the heat sink on the other side and the temperature difference generates enough power to run the motor which turns the fan which then distributes some lovely hot air through the boat. Magic! For the first time ever I could feel the heat from the stove in the bedroom. It’s going to be absolutely invaluable in winter.

Gordon’s also been taking advantage of the great crop of sloes and elderberries to begin the annual booze production. Two demi-johns each of elderberries and sloes and one of the odds and ends of fruit left over from jam and jelly production bubbling away nicely thank you. We’ve not yet decided what alcohol to add to the elderberries when they’ve fermented out. A taste test when it’s ready will answer that question.


In the meantime I’ve been finishing off a couple of glass commissions. The pair of ‘Ferndale’ lamps has been an ongoing project for a few months now and it was good to take some time to concentrate on finishing them off. I’m looking forward to seeing Ray and Diane when they come to pick them up as we haven’t managed to get together since my birthday bash back in June.

2013-09-23 10.49.37

Roger’s above door window has also been in production for a while and I’ve managed to finish that too.

Roger's Glass

Roger on the poop deck with his new window

Roger on the poop deck with his new window

..and here it is in situ – I’m really happy to see that it has worked so well.

WindowinSituI’ve just got to work out what to do with myself now. Oh yes, there’s the curtains, the kitchen blinds, the painting of the bedroom, making a patchwork quilt……….. No rest for the wicked!

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2 Responses to Busy, busy busy…

  1. diane says:

    Awesome lamps and a really good fan for winter. You both put to shame my laziness, lucky Ray maintains the productivity on nb Ferndale. Looking forward to good times together to come.Diane

  2. ewnhacul says:

    Glad you like them Diane! xxxx

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