Stuck waiting for goat!

Since we’ve been on the waterways I’ve become a big fan of goat meat and try to pick it up for the freezer whenever I can. When we went to Oundle Market we came across the Mytton Meats stall and they sell goat – perfect! Unfortunately they didn’t have any in stock when we visited but were going to be at Thrapston Market on Tuesday when they were likely to have some in. Perfect. We were heading that way anyway – it just meant staying an extra day in Thrapston which was no hardship as it’s a lovely little town.

On Tuesday morning we went to the market to be told that they had goat but it hadn’t yet arrived at the stall. No problems – they deliver so we paid for two kilos and they promised to drop it off for us the following afternoon at Irthlingborough. We hadn’t planned to stop an extra day there but used the morning to pick blackberries (more alcohol and jam on the way!). We stayed put for the afternoon and waited…and waited…and waited. Mytton Meats didn’t turn up, didn’t phone and didn’t respond to my messages.

We were now £16 down with no goat and no explanation. I left an answerphone message suggesting that if delivery was a problem I could catch the bus to Oundle Market and pick it up. I got a phone call back to say that there wasn’t any point visiting the market as although the stall might be there she might not and that she could deliver it to us the following day at Wellingborough as she was making deliveries to Kettering which is only 8 miles away. She explained that her husband had crashed his van and that she had to go and pick him up as, although he was unhurt, the van was a write off which is why she hadn’t rung me. Fair enough.

We moved on to Wellingborough and waited there yet another extra day…and waited….and waited. No goat, no phone call, no text, nothing. We went out and had a few bevvies to console ourselves.

I’ve rung them today and left a couple of voicemail messages and also left a message on their website and still haven’t been answered. If I hadn’t already paid them I wouldn’t be so downright pissed off. We’ve got to move on from Wellingborough tomorrow so will be moving out of their area. If anyone’s considering buying from Mytton Meats I’d say – their meat is lovely – beautiful rare breed pork, Aylesbury Duck and tasty sausages. However if you can’t buy what you want at the stall don’t consider giving them any money before the meat arrives at your door!

In the meantime here’s a few pretty photos taken on the River Nene to restore my equilibrium.


Mooring at Ferry Meadows


Fotheringay village. The mound in the foreground is virtually all that remains of the castle where Mary Queen of Scots was executed.


Titchmarsh Nature Reserve


Mooring at Thrapston

..and relax!

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2 Responses to Stuck waiting for goat!

  1. Ms Sue Ellery says:

    Oh dear – I’m sure you’ll be the butt of some jokes… I mean, no kidding around, but that’s a real pig – that woman is a silly billy –

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