We’re finally back on the cut!

We had lovely sunny autumn weather for our trip up the last section of the River Nene to its junction with the Grand Union Canal at Northampton.


Carving of swans in a Wellingborough Park


Autumn colours just starting to tinge the trees


Horses at grazing at a lock


Final Friday night drinkie before getting back on the canal system. Worthy of a bottle of wine I reckon.

Although we’ve really enjoyed our summer on the East Anglian Waterways it’s really good to be back on canals where moorings and facilities are much more plentiful.


Leaving the Nene at the junction with the Northampton Arm of the Grand Union Canal.

It was also a joy to encounter our first of the narrow locks that take you up to Gayton Junction where the Northampton Arm meets the Grand Union proper.

FirstNarrowLockDespite the 17 locks I really enjoyed the Rothersthorpe flight. It was good to be able to walk between locks again and the views were wonderful.

Rothersthorpe Locks

It’s also wonderful to be in the majority again. On the rivers cruisers, large and small, are definitely the boats of choice and narrowboats are very much in the minority. It feels comfortable on the canals – a bit like coming home after a great holiday.

Balham & Edgeware

1930s narrow boat Edgeware paired with the butty Balham moored on the Grand Union

Reaching Gayton Junction provided us with the first opportunity since we crossed the Wash back in June to make a choice as to which direction to take. What a luxury! We’ve decided to head for Braunston where there’ll be another decision to make. Do we have time to take a there and back again jaunt down the Oxford Canal before winter lock closures make it difficult to go northwards towards our intended winter base in Stone? I hope we do. I’m not ready to pack myself away for the winter just yet.

At the moment we’re in Weedon Bec, taking a day out to deal with the hoard of crab apples we managed to pick over the last few days.


Crab apples are now bubbling away nicely along with the other 5 demijohns of alcoholic fruitiness. I’m also in the process of producing vast quantities of crab apple jelly.

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