Summer’s final fling

Last Sunday, when we left Braunston, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The last gasp of the Indian summer I guess. Still, we’ve had a great run of it this year and I actually enjoy the nights drawing in and the weather getting a bit colder.


The South Oxford canal has been an absolute joy so far.


View from Adkins Lock near the top of the Napton flight


Locking down towards Cropredy with nb Shiraz


Water buffalo grazing in a field near the start of the Napton flight. Having been deprived of goat, perhaps I can buy some buffalo on the way back down!


Most people settle for push bikes!


Ingenious design – in shorter locks they detach the front section and either breast up or bring the two sections through separately.


Banbury Cross – by narrowboat rather than cock horse

It’s a beautiful canal and at this time of year has so much free fruit that I couldn’t resist a further bout of picking. We’d already filled up all our demijohns – and would have no room for any more even if we bought them – so no more alcohol. We’re now the proud possessors of 36 jars of jams and jellies. They’ll come in handy for presents and barter I reckon as well as keeping our breakfast toast covered until this time next year. Mind you there’s the winter Seville Orange crop to consider – I’d better start collecting more jars!


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3 Responses to Summer’s final fling

  1. Ms Sue Ellery says:

    Looking forward to my chrissy pressies then!! Did you ever get your refund from the goat debacle? Idyllic picks – I could almost be jealous, if I wasn’t right where I want to be right now…

    • ewnhacul says:

      Nope – I emailed them via their website and asked them to post a cheque to Jen Pen but no joy yet. Next step is to start putting comments on their fb I reckon

    • ewnhacul says:

      No luck yet with the refund Sue – I emailed them via their website and asked them to send a cheque to Jen Pen but no sign yet. Next step is putting comments on their fb page I suppose.

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