Sight seeing in Coventry

Our journey along the North Oxford Canal to Coventry wasn’t entirely uneventful. Just before Hillmorton Locks the alternator for the leisure battery bank decided to pack up completely. Luckily we have a separate alternator for the starter bank so we could keep moving without worrying about switching the engine off. A quick scour of Google found the Willow Wren base at Rugby who were happy to take a look for us. We turned up there at around 2pm and by 4.30pm they’d tested the alternator, declared it deceased and fitted a brand new one – all for what we considered a very reasonable price. They also let us stay the night there which, as it turns out, was as well. In the morning, when running the engine, Gordon noticed that the state of charge was fluctuating wildly and called the engineer in to take a look. The alternator was removed and taken away for testing. Unusually for a new beta alternator it turned out that the regulator was faulty. Before mid-day a working new one had been fitted and we were on our way again. All in all we were very happy with the service we had from them and would very happily use them again if we happened to be in the area.

The weather’s been pretty good since we’ve been in Coventry and in addition to meeting family we’ve been able to do a fair bit of sight seeing. Here’s a few of the things we sight saw.

The stained glass in Coventry Cathedral.

Panels1 PanelDetail MainWindow

The remains of the original cathedral church destroyed in the blitz

BombedChurch Throughthearchedwindow

Some 15th and 16th century buildings that miraculously survived the blitz.

TudorCottage GreyfriarsHospital


The modern Coventry Cross with the spire of the Holy Trinity Church in the background


Holy Trinity Church lit up at night

…and of course the historic Canal Basin with its statue of James Brindley. The eagle eyed amongst you will spot nb Waioru in the background. I was hoping to introuduce ourselves to them but never got the chance. Another day perhaps.

CoventryBasinWe had a lovely goodbye lunch today with Diane and Bob and were introduced to their grandson Lennon – my first cousin twice removed I think although I’ll probably end up as auntie Dot. What a delightful lad he is.

DianeBobLennon LennonA great end to a marvellous visit to Coventry – thank you Bob, Diane, Beryl, Denise, Ellie and Lennon for making it so special for me.

Oh and I’ve finally managed to obtain some goat at Coventry Market – no thanks to Mytton Meat who still haven’t got around to refunding the £16 I paid them over a month ago!

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