A trip down Atherstone Locks

After leaving Coventry our aim was to get north before the CRT winter lock closures, starting on the 4th November, made life difficult. We ended up going down Atherstone Locks on the Sunday when the ‘big storm’ was due to hit. It was an absolutely glorious morning with no signs of bad weather to come.


At the second lock we were joined by horses who had broken out of an adjacent field. Judging by the state of the hedge and their total indifference to passers by it was something they did on a regular basis.


It was an absolutely lovely day to be walking down the flight setting locks. Unfortunately my enjoyment of the day and the view meant that I wasn’t paying enough attention to my surroundings and managed to fall flat on my face coming down particularly heavily on one knee. Luckily there were no witnesses and I managed to pick myself up and get down to the next lock – a bit sore and bruised but it didn’t seem too bad.

We moored that night just round the corner from Fazeley Junction – a lovely spot in which to wait out the ‘storm’. Luckily for us it never materialised this far north. It was quite breezy and the rain was heavy but nothing particularly alarming.



With no further potential stoppages in our way we headed off for Stone. The clans have already starting to gathering there and we were looking forward to meeting up with a few of the boaters who made last year’s stay in Aston Marina so pleasant. On mooring up in Stone we were visited by Ray and Diane – a lovely hour or so was spent catching up with news and arrangements were made for Diane and Banjo to walk with us to Aston Marina while we booked ourselves in for the winter. 

One of our first sights on arriving was Elaine and Paul on Caxton…


…more arrangements were made for a Friday early doors drinkie in the Swan with Ray and Diane (Ferndale) Elaine and Paul (Caxton) and Joan and Jim (Two Jays). 

20131101_163346It does give me a wonderful warm fuzzy feeling to get together with some of our marina friends again (or perhaps that was the booze!).

Unfortunately, since this, I’ve been more or less out of action apart from various trips to and from Doctors and one exceedingly tedious trip to A & E. The leg I injured when I fell developed cellulitis and, over a week later, I’m still taking the antibiotics. Still, it seems to be on the mend now and I’m sure that a booze free fortnight will do my health no harm whatsoever. Not so sure about my sanity though.



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4 Responses to A trip down Atherstone Locks

  1. diane says:

    It could be said that your sanity is always in question : )

  2. Josephine Robinson says:

    Hi dot and gordon sorry to hear about your fall you need to take more water with it. Hope you are both keeping warm. hows the quilt coming ? Still on dry land going back hopefully next day or so. Take care Jo and Dave on Panacea

    • ewnhacul says:

      Great to hear from you Jo & Dave – we’re warm as toast here! Unfortunately haven’t had time to start the quilt yet. Definitely a winter job when we get into the marina which is happening at the end of this month. Where are you two spending the winter?

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