A visit to Aldeburgh

We’re just back in the marina after our November trip to Aldeburgh to visit my daughter Jenny, her husband Al and the boys Seb and Josh. It was really great to spend some time with them all and it was certainly packed full of fun. We watched as Al helped the boys construct a ‘Violent Volcano’.

Volcano BuildingVolcano

We had a lovely night out in Aldeburgh with drinks at DP’s to start….


…followed by a superb meal and a good laugh at The Lighthouse restaurant. Jen borrowed Gordon’s glasses to attempt to read the menu…

GordonJennyGlasses….and Gordon borrowed some of Jen’s abundant curls.


We watched Seb in his Santa hat and Angry Birds sweatshirt perform carols with his school at the turning on of the Aldeburgh Christmas lights. He didn’t seem too enthusiastic about Silent Night and Away in a Manger but joined in with gusto on We Wish you a Merry Christmas.


On a trip to the park we got to watch the boys construct a camp – it broke Gordon’s heart to have to leave all that lovely wood behind!

woodforcampSeb climbed a tree watched curiously by Josh…..

Climbing…who decided that it looked like fun so he gave it a go too.


We had a lovely walk along the River Alde…..


EstuaryBoats…..and managed to catch a beautiful sunset while waiting for the boys to get out of school.


With a great Chinese takeaway on Sunday evening with Al’s mum and dad Robin and Margaret along with Gordon managing three visits to The White Hart for pints of Broadside, it made for a brilliant visit. Thank you Jen, Al and the boys for making it such a wonderful stay. We’re already looking forward to returning in May!

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