A Titanically sociable weekend

Last weekend presented us with more than a few opportunities to socialise with our fellow boaters, most of them centering around They Royal Exchange, known locally as The Titanic on account of it being a Titanic Brewery pub.

On Friday, after finishing our shopping, we joined Diane, Roley, Sue and Andy there for Friday early doors drinks.


Titanic Plum Porter – my new absolutely favourite drink. I wonder what it would taste like with a port in it? One to try out at Christmas I reckon.


With Ray absent in Oz, Roley makes sure Diane behaves herself.


Andy does a fair impression of Charles Saatchi while Sue’s Nigella is faultless.

Saturday was the day for the monthly Farmers’ Market…

Mushrooms GiantTurkey DianeBanjoFarmersMarket

….which provided another opportunity to visit The Titanic – for lunch this time. They do great Staffordshire Oatcakes.


No Ray, she didn’t eat this salad – she had one bit of cucumber and hastily dumped the rest on my plate.

On Monday, with the marina being open and the cedar huts being off limits we didn’t want to abandon our Monday get together so we moved that to the Titanic as well – warm, friendly with good beer – an inspired decision!

All of this and an amazing sunset on Sunday as well.



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