…..and a curry in a shed

The theme for yesterday’s boaters’ Monday afternoon do was curry and between us we managed to come up with all the essential ingredients.

There were meaty curries with rice…

ChickenCurriesVeggie curries with rice….


Breads and poppadoms…..


Chutneys and pickles…..


….and of course booze. I think Gordon enjoyed his bottle of Hairy Helmet but the most popular tipple of choice was lager.  Sue broke the mould though and brought along a bottle of Moet for Joan’s birthday – very much appreciated. Diane kindly donated a bottle of Gale’s Black Beer & Raisin wine and even managed to keep enough of it to bring some home for her evening viewing of Pointless.


It was a great joint effort and was much enjoyed by everyone.


Paul was too busy scoffing the curry to attempt to smile for the camera but Elaine, as ever was looking happy and gorgeous.


Sammy found a very comfortable box….awwww

DoginaBox..and birthday girl Joan decided she’d quite like to join him (well she is small enough to fit!)


These dos are getting more elaborate. I’m going to miss them when we leave the marina in a couple of weeks!

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