Bye Bye With Venison Pie

It’s incredible – the winter’s nearly over – at least our time in the marina has to an end. If the weather’s anything like last year though, March will have a few surprises up its sleeve for the unwary!

The last week has consisted of a long, largely alcoholic, series of goodbyes to everyone in the marina who has made our winter fly by so quickly and so pleasantly. Andy and Sue from Festina Lente were heading back to the Isle of Man so we had a final Monday ‘tea party’ at the Royal Exchange.

Members of the ‘hard core’ gathered for the last Monday ‘tea party’ at the Royal Exchange

Wednesday saw twelve of us visiting The Three Crowns for pie night where we said goodbye to Joan and Jim from nb Two Jays, who were off to Exeter.


My venison pie was delicious!

With pole dancing entertainment provided by Diane from nb Ferndale.


Thursday we were back to the Royal Exchange for a very early Friday early doors session and a goodbye to Paul and Elaine who were off to Luton.

Finally on a cold but glorious Saturday morning we said goodbye Ray, Diane, Roly and Banjo and set out on our first cruise of the season.


Bye Bye Banjo


Bye Bye Diane


Bye Bye Ray & Roly


Bye Bye Caxton & Two Jays


We’re only heading to Stafford Boat Club to get our bottom blacked and will see everyone again during the week but it did mark the very beginning of our cruising season.



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