A very black bottom

Aston Marina is now well and truly a distant memory. We’ve spent a very pleasant week in Stafford Boat Club blacking the bottom of the boat with bitumen (well Gordon did that bit) and getting her looking tidy before we head back out on the cut (Gordon did that bit too!). To summarise I spent a pleasant week in Stafford Boat Club while Gordon worked on the boat.


Stafford Boat Club clubhouse – built entirely by the members

Boats are taken out of the water and relaunched on Sundays when the club members are available to operate the slipway. This means that you have a week in which to get any work done. Plenty of time for bottom blacking provided the weather is kind. You can live on your boat while she’s on the slip – power and water are provided and a good set of steps for getting on and off. All in all it’s a great deal for not that much money and I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to work on their boat while she’s out of the water.


Coming out onto the slip


Gordon looks on while she’s settled in place – realising exactly how much work needs to be done!


Ray, Diane, Paul and Elaine arrived to give some much needed optical assistance


They also checked out the metal skip – just in case

By Saturday Gordon had finished painting.


Until the patterns are painted on the bows she’ll look a little like she’s decorated for red nose day but she is looking smart!

He was free to come into Stafford with the gang where we managed to get a great table in ‘Spoons to watch Ireland thrashing Italy in the 6 nations championship.


Ray, Andy and Gordon ‘raise their glasses’. If the old jokes are the best then these three are nearing perfection.


Speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil – I don’t think so somehow or another.

Sunday was another glorious day for coming down off the slip….


…followed by a lovely Sunday lunch in the clubhouse.


All in all a very successful week.

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