A walk to Sycamore Gap

It’s difficult to find anywhere more spectacular for a walk than Hadrian’s Wall on a beautiful sunny day. We started off in Cawfield Quarry trying to follow a rather sketchy circular walk plan from a newly purchased book.


If you look carefully in the quarry car park you can just about make out the purple peril – the Volvo we’ve got the use of while we’re here.

Luckily it’s not easy to get lost in this part of the world. You can see exactly where you’re going and the scenery is incredible.


20140312_120503As you can see, Gordon wasn’t finding this walk too taxing at all. Despite the sunshine he kept his coat on for the whole walk while I had my bingo wings on display within minutes. Tow path walking is not good preparation for the steep ups and downs you get in this part of the world!

20140312_123040 - Copy

Posing at the Trig point marking the highest point on Hadrian’s Wall.

20140312_133255We’d planned to go much further but I found that by the time we reached Sycamore Gap (around 4 miles) I was absolutely pooped and still had to find the energy to walk back!


Anyone familiar with Robin Hood Prince of Thieves will recognise this as the location for the scene where Robin rescues the boy from the Sherrif’s men.

20140312_134247Luckily for me we found a much easier 4 mile walk back on a lower path, with much gentler hills.


Back to the quarry and time for a quick beer in the Twice Brewed Inn before heading back home. Shame I was driving as there were 83 rums to choose from!

20140312_104018 - Copy

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One Response to A walk to Sycamore Gap

  1. Steve says:

    Looks like Gordon’s pretending to be a Roman soldier looking over the wall for those pesky Scots raiders, was that lump of concrete falling over Dot as you seem to be doing a great job of keeping it upright. Lovely scenery though. X

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