Friends, Romans, Countrymen….

..well mostly friends with the odd bit of Roman architecture thrown in for good luck. We’ve had a week of chaos, mayhem and great fun here in Northumberland.

The first friends to arrive were Greg and Sue who drove up from Leeds on Friday night and met up with us in The Greenhead Hotel for a quick ‘Happy Friday’ drink before heading home for a pasty dinner. We’ve shared so many Happy Friday photos that it was wonderful to actually have one taken of all of us.

We had a busy Saturday visiting some of the Roman sites that abound here. There was dressing up….


Sue as gladiator in the Roman Army Museum

…larking about in Vindolanda

SueGregGordVindolanda GordSueVindolandaView….a chance to get up close and personal with ‘The Wall’


…and of course the compulsory visit to a pub or two.


Saturday lunch in The Milecastle

Their stay was only too brief and, after a lovely Sunday Lunch in the Twice Brewed Inn (the pub that stocks 83 rums) they headed back to Yorkshire. We had one night to ourselves before we were joined by Ray, Diane and Banjo who were staying with us in the house. They were accompanied by Paul & Elaine in their camper van with their attendant menagerie of two dogs and three cats. Lord knows how they all fit in there but they seem to manage!


Despite having a dog staying in the house, Foggy the cat was quite relaxed, after she’d pointed out that she was boss.


Soon after their arrival we went for a walk up to Walltown Quarry – a short walk from home base where everyone got their first sighting of Hadrian’s Wall which you can just make out on the top of the hill above the quarry.


Here we were ‘treated’ to the sight of frogs doing what frogs do in the spring. They were so prolific that it was difficult to walk without squashing them!

Courting Frogs

Courting Frogs

Then back home for yet another pasty dinner to build up strength for the four days to come!



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2 Responses to Friends, Romans, Countrymen….

  1. Sue Ellery says:

    Is that one you squashed earlier, or is that two of them doing their thang?

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