A wonderful couple of days cruising and a bit of excitement

The weather’s been pretty good for the past three days and it has made for some very pleasant cruising. Spring is definitely here!

20140407_144403We’re on a bit of a tight schedule for once and need to hurry on a bit so when we left Rugeley we had a longish day’s cruising to get to one of our favourite moorings just before the winding hole near the Bonehill Road bridge on the approach to the Fazeley Junction.

Fazeley mooringIt feels completely rural, yet there’s a path taking you to the Ventura Park retail centre in Tamworth. We didn’t avail ourselves of their services this time but the Asda there has been very useful on a couple of other occasions.

We’re in sad need of a bit of lock practice as we’re more than a little rusty after the winter so were glad to be doing the thirteen locks that take you up from Fazeley to the top of the village of Atherstone. I love this cottage beside the Glascote locks, with its clock and water pump.


The Atherstone flight of 11 locks has to be one of my favourites. It’s so pretty and on a sunny day there’s nowhere better.

AtherstoneFlightThere was a bit of excitement along the way this time though. I noticed a group of about 10 or so lads looking a bit sheepish. I took my camera out and was going to take a picture in case they did something untoward but decided against it as I was on my own a lock ahead of Gordon and didn’t want to provoke any kind of confrontation. They wandered on down without paying me any attention and I carried on working the lock. When I left to carry on up the flight I spotted this.



It would appear that the little darlings I’d seen ten minutes before had thought it would be fun to set fire to an abandoned allotment shed. A police woman turned up and asked me if I’d seen anything and I gave a fairly sketchy description of the oiks I’d seen earlier. If I’d just taken that photograph!

All was peace and quiet again by the time we got to the top of the flight and I was delighted to see this.


Not the first ducklings I’ve seen this year but they’re by far the cutest!


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