Gordon gets a happy hat

The last couple of days have been spent in Coventry where we moored up in the basin.

Coventry BasinIt’s a great spot to moor – close enough to the middle of Coventry to be convenient but far enough out to be pretty quiet. We were a bit dubious when a boatful of students moored up beside us obviously there for a bit of a party but they were extremely well behaved. They arrived back at the boat at 4am, chatted quite quietly for a while and then went to bed. I was amazed to see them up and about again and heading off at 7am – I can only admire their stamina!

We come here regularly so I can meet up with my cousin Diane and her husband Bob. It was Bob’s birthday so, seeing as how we’re so generous, we treated him to a lunch at The Spon Gate, a Wetherspoons pub. It was a really pleasant Saturday afternoon spent having a few beers, a rather pleasant lunch with loads of chat. It’s their 50th Wedding Anniversary next September so I’m already looking forward to our next visit to Coventry for that!

We also managed to have a couple of visits to The Old Windmill pub in medieval Spon Street. Many of the buildings in Spon Street have been transplanted from other parts of the city but the Old Windmill is an original building in its original spot.

Old Windmill

There’s loads of little nooks and crannies, it serves a fair selection of real ales and the staff are very friendly. Perfect for our early doors Friday.



WindmillSideRoomFireplaceOn Saturday morning, before lunch with Bob and Diane, we had a walk around Coventry Indoor Market. We’d not got anything particular in  mind to buy but I love walking around markets.

CoventryMarketVeg CoventryMarketRetroClothesFor ages Gordon’s been looking for a colourful hat – his search finally bore fruit here.

happyHat1 HappyHat2Happy Gordon!





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One Response to Gordon gets a happy hat

  1. Mad eyes Macey says:

    That is one very happy hat! xx

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