We’re off towards Birmingham – after just one more final meal!

When we left Coventry we only travelled as far as Hawkesbury Junction where the Coventry Canal meets the North Oxford. Ray and Diane from nb Ferndale were going to be here and we planned to get together for the very last time this season …… well as far as we know anyway!

We went for Sunday lunch in The Greyhound where Diane and I were amused…


..while Ray and Gordon were more bemused.


As it was a glorious day, we decided to work off at least some of the meal with a post lunch stroll around the junction.

Greyhound2 JunctionBridge

Diane managed to strike up a tentative friendship with a horse which was pretty brave of her as she’s terrified of horses and cows. It must have been the Dutch courage she gained from the half of cider she had with lunch.


We had to describe the game of Pooh Sticks to Ray who thought that pooh does indeed stick but couldn’t figure out why someone would call their boat after it.

PoohSticksI had a mission in mind – to go up the North Oxford Canal and get a photograph of Tusses Bridge. As the dialect word tuss is a particularly Cornish insult this probably won’t be amusing to anyone from east of the Tamar River but it gave me a laugh.


Then it was back to Ferndale for a few games, a few glasses of wine and loads more laughs.

We’ve moved on again now, heading for Birmingham having waved a sad goodbye to Ray and Diane although I’d like to warn them that it’s highly likely that they haven’t seen the last of us yet!


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2 Responses to We’re off towards Birmingham – after just one more final meal!

  1. Sue Ellery says:

    Have to say, Spot – your blog would be a very useful research tool for anyone planning on writing a book about the pubs along Britain’s canals… there can’t be many you’ve missed?

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