A day of three tunnels

Nige and Trina, who had dinner with us on Thursday evening, live in King’s Norton. Despite the fact that they live not more than a few minutes’ walk from the Wast Hill Tunnel they’d never had the chance to go through it. As we were passing there on our way down to Worcester it was a perfect opportunity to bring them along for the ride.


King’s Norton Junction where the Stratford Canal meets the Worcester and Birmingham Canal.

As the sign says, we have to go through 58 locks to get to Worcester but Friday contained absolutely none. Time to recover a bit of strength and prepare ourselves for the onslaught on the Tardebigge the following day.


Nige and Trina quickly installed themselves in the cratch with a cuppa

Wast Hill tunnel is 2,726 yards long and was completed in 1797 – yet another incredible feat of canal engineering.



I don’t think Nige and Trina were disappointed with their trip. We’ll make narrowboaters of them yet! We dropped them off at Alvechurch where they were able to hop on a train back to King’s Norton.

Nige and Trina after their trip through the Wast Hill Tunnel

Nige and Trina after their trip through the Wast Hill Tunnel posing for the compulsory poop deck shot

In the meantime we carried on to get down to the top of the Tardebigge and had a couple more tunnels to navigate. Shortwood Tunnel (a mere 618 yards) and Tardebigge Tunnel (an even merer 580 yards).

Exiting Shortwood

Exiting Shortwood Tunnel



Coming back out into the light at the top of the Tardebigge flight

All in all an extremely pleasant day which we ended with a drink on the poop deck. Thanks for the Brooklyn Bam Boozle Nige & Trina – very drinkable. We’ll keep a lookout for that again.


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