We were up and about early for the Easter Sunday trip down the 22 locks to Worcester. Not quite awake, it was a bit of a shock to spy a boatload of pirates at the second lock down!

PiratesontheHorizonTurns out it was a group of eight in a Viking afloat boat who were doing their best to complete the Avon Ring in a week. They were a cheerful bunch and, with that much person power they may well manage it. I did give a plug to the Pirates on the Prom event in Penzance on the Whitsun Bank Holiday where there’s a Guinness Book of Records attempt going on for the most pirates in one place.

PiratesThe rest of the flight was fairly uneventful – very busy for boats coming up which was brilliant for us as nearly ever lock was set for us. Another easy day!

On the last lock, before mooring up in Diglis Basin, we ran into a problem. There was a hire boat well and truly jammed. One of the lock gates had something behind it and wouldn’t open fully. In addition, the boat had gone in with its fenders down. This combination ensured that they were well and truly stuck – unable to move forward or back.


We were on hand with some sage advice but the boat skipper was unwilling to listen – his call. We went back to our boat for a cuppa. The whole scene was being observed by this chappy in a window of the Commandery Museum. I wonder how long he’s been there observing boaters mucking up their passage through the lock?

SkeletonEventually the crew of the boat phoned the hire company who called in CRT who managed to sort the problem quick smart.

CRTArriveThey let some water down which freed the boat enough to be able to move back and take its fenders up and jiggled a boat hook behind the gate to free the piece of wood that was holding it open and hey presto the boat was free. Not once did we smugly mention that this was more or less what we, and the crew of the boat who wanted to come up the lock, had recommended in the first place.

FreeAtLastWe eventually got down the lock, moored up just before Diglis Basin and settled in for the night ready to tackle the Severn down to Gloucester on Easter Monday.





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