Down the Severn to Gloucester

As you can see by this sign, the distance to Gloucester is more or less the same as the distance to Birmingham. The difference is that we would be travelling by the equivalent of a watery motorway – the River Severn. Birmingham to Worcester, 30 miles, 58 locks, 3 days. Worcester to Gloucester, 29 miles, 3 locks (all worked for you by lock keepers), 6 hours.

SignPostNot a lot of work for a crew member then – just a bit of rope holding at the locks – so plenty of time to watch the world go by.



Out on the River Severn looking back towards Worcester Cathedral


Coming out of the first lock

Misty morning on the river

Pretty morning on the river


Passing Upton-on-Severn


Inside Lower Lode Lock – feels more like a small marina!

We had a slight delay at Lower Lode Lock while we waited for a Dutch Barge to join us. Turns out it was The Kernow, a barge we’d admired often when we moored down at Saul Junction. We’re definitely suffering from boat envy! She’s just the size and layout of barge we’d eventually like to own ourselves.


Kernow entering Lower Lode Lock


Kernow leaving Lower Lode Lock

Gravel barges - fortunately they weren't working as it was Easter Sunday so no navigation challenges here!

Gravel barges – fortunately they weren’t operating as it was Easter Sunday so no navigation challenges here!

No photographs of the lock at Gloucester Dock as there were four boats in there, including Kernow so vigilance was necessary. It did provide a perfect chance to chat to Alan and Linda who own Kernow and find out a bit about her history. They themselves don’t have any connection to Cornwall but bought the boat from a Cornish couple – hence the name.

There was an Easter Fair in Gloucester when we arrived so we were surprised to be able to moor up so easily. Apparently Portishead Cruising Club had booked the basin out en masse and had only just left that morning leaving plenty of space for us!


Moored up securely in Gloucester Docks – an absolutely wonderful place to stop for a day or so


We spotted Penzance gaffe-rigged sailing ship Ruth moored up in the docks.

Moored up in the basin right outside a pub – it would have been rude not to pay a visit. I don’t think you can get your boat any closer to a pub than this!



We met up with Alan and Linda from Kernow here and had a lovely hour or so having a boaters’ chat. It turns out they may be interested in sharing the cost of a pilot for crossing the Bristol Channel. Fingers crossed that they decide to go!



What a lovely view from the side hatch at the end of the day. It was lovely to come back to Gloucester after two years’ absence. It felt a bit like coming home.

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