Marking time waiting for a weather window

Ewn Ha Cul is about to venture out on the (hopefully not very big) waves again. This time we’re off down the Bristol Channel to Portishead and then up the Avon into Bristol Harbour. In the meantime we’ve had to mark time until the weather is (as Goldilocks would say) just right. There are far worse places to have to mark time than here on the Gloucester Sharpness Canal. It’s a lovely canal starting, not surprisingly, in Gloucester and heading down to the sea at Sharpness bypassing a particularly treacherous section of the River Severn. Sixteen lock free miles where even the low bridges are worked for you.


Gordon takes the boat through the wonderfully named Splatt Bridge past one of the elaborate bridge keepers’ cottages.

Before we set out on our adventures we moored the boat on this canal in Saul Junction Marina and we took the opportunity to call back and catch up with some old friends.

I’m not sure if Stuart’s expression is one of pleasure or horror here when he saw us coming to moor beside them again!

GreatWelcomeStuart and Carol from nb Kathleen May used to be our neighbours when we moored here and it was great to catch up. It wasn’t long before a pontoon barbeque was organised and a few of the old faces got together for a drink….or two.


Nick from nb Never a Dull Moment, Stuart, Carol & Gordon with beer and fizz


Gordon with Nick, Simon, Jane and Dan

Simon and Jane’s cat Binney showed his disdain for the proceedings in typical cat fashion – right beside the sign requesting that you clear up after your dog.

BinneyIn between socialising we managed a walk around Frampton on Severn. A picture postcard village with some very pretty houses and the longest village green in England.


When we found out that it would be Tuesday before the wind would have died down enough to allow us to venture out into the Bristol Channel we decided to take a jaunt back up to Gloucester to do some shopping at Sainsburys and to get together with Carol and Stuart before they headed out on the Severn for the start of their season’s cruising.

20140509_161309 20140509_161652


We’re not sure when we’re going to bump into each other again but then that’s one of the few down sides of being a boater. You make good friends then, no sooner have you said hello than it’s time to say goodbye again.


Kathleen May coming out of Gloucester Lock onto the River Severn

After Carol and Stuart left we amused ourselves by watching the annual dragon boat races in Gloucester Docks.


Some teams seemed to take the whole proceedings incredibly seriously


While others quite clearly didn’t!

We’re in Sharpness now and waiting to head out on the Bristol Channel tomorrow morning. What an adventure! I’m really looking forward to coming into Bristol under the Clifton Suspension Bridge and mooring up in Bristol Harbour for a few days.


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3 Responses to Marking time waiting for a weather window

  1. Sue Ellery says:

    Spot – I absolutely insist you catch up with a loverly lady Bristolian and a great mate of mine called Jeannie Lou – don’t think you met her, though she’s been to your house. You were away somewhere for my 60th weren’t you? Anyway – she and Nick own a boat and are very boaty and spend a lot of time down at Bristol Harbour and in the nearby hostelries, and live nearby – you will love each other to bits I am sure – will pm you their contact details…

  2. Anne says:

    Dot – why is your glass almost empty when all the others have hardly been touched – is this a new trend?? Anne – nb Fenland Fox btw we caught up with Di and Chris at Ely Eel Festival the other weekend – they send you both all good wishes!

    • ewnhacul says:

      Hi Anne, That’s because mine was a half! I was having a particularly abstemious day for once! I was just thinking about you all and wondering where everyone was. xxxx

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