A glorious week moored in Bristol Floating Harbour

It was a glorious week for us in many ways while we were moored in Bristol. The weather was incredible and it was great to catch up with family and friends old and new and to just enjoy the atmosphere of the docks area. I was well chuffed to get this shot of a balloon on our first evening wandering around the harbour.

Balloon..but was even more pleased when it flew behind the Kaskelot.



Replica of John Cabot’s ship The Matthew at her mooring beside M Shed


The Earl of Pembroke. She was flying the Cornish flag and apparently used to be moored in Charlestown. She’s featured in an impressive range of films including Frenchman’s Creek and Treasure Island.

On our first day Gord’s sister Heth turned up along with newphew Carey and we enjoyed a stroll around in the sunshine. I’d arranged to take photographs of nb Mary H as she came up the Avon, under the suspension bridge and into the lock and Heth showed me just the spot.


Gord, Heth and Carey at the spot where Heth took the photos of us coming under the suspension bridge.

We got together with niece Kerra and her daughter Rebecca at The Pumphouse. Not somewhere I’d recommend – they got a simple drinks order wrong, looked at us as if it was our fault and then proceeded to miss out Heather’s order altogether, only letting us know that it was out of stock and offering an alternative when we enquired about it.

Still, it was pleasant to catch up with Kerra and meet the delightful Rebecca again.


Rebecca looking very serious in this shot. She took a little bit of time to get used to us and I can’t blame her!


Rebecca aboard the boat being amused by her granny and her great uncle Gordon

At the weekend my daughter Ellie arrived and we had a wonderful, if slightly too alcoholic time eating and pub crawling our way around the middle of Bristol.


Chinese meal on the first night at Dynasty


The start of a wonderful pub crawl the next day at The Drawbridge


Looking vacant and enjoying Pims and Tapas at El Puerto near the Arnolfini


Back on the boat enjoying Gordon’s home made Apple Brandy

Next morning we had to get up early and go out with the camera!


Mary H heading towards the lock

We hadn’t met Richard, Linda and their dog Muffin from nb Mary H before but in true narrowboating fashion we were soon sharing drinks and nibbles on the pontoon. We were joined, somewhat irritatingly, by this drunken ‘boy scout’ who looked like a relic from a Carry On movie. He was amusing for at least the first 10 seconds then just wouldn’t take the hint and bugger off. One of the perils of drinking outdoors I guess.

Richard and Linda desparately trying to ignore our unwanted guest


Muffin on the poop deck wondering if there might just be any food down there for a poor starving doggy!

On Sunday afternoon Heth drove us to The Miner’s Rest in Long Ashton for a drink with Toby, Carey and Nick. I was only on lime and soda by this point, feeling a little ragged from earlier alcoholic efforts!


Nice hat Tobes!


Carey and Nick planning their imminent visit to the Garden Centre

I didn’t get any photos of Chris and Roger when they visited for dinner on Sunday evening but it was great to catch up and hear all the house hunting news.

On top of all this I also managed to find time to finish a glass commission for the First Severn Beach Scouts. It’s going into their Scout Hut.


I know in canal terms it’s expensive to stay in Bristol Harbour – £139 a week – but we REALLY enjoyed ourselves. To wake up every morning with a view like this was incredible and well worth the money!







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