On the Avon

We eventually managed to tear ourselves away from Bristol Harbour and  went up the Avon to Keynsham with Linda and Richard on nb Mary H.

StartOfAvon InTheLockwithMaryHThe Avon above Bristol shows a fair few signs of the flooding this winter!

SunkenBoat1 SunkenBoat2


We had a wonderful meal with Richard and Linda in The Lock Keeper at Keynsham for Richard’s birthday

LindaRichardLockkeeperand said goodbye to them the next day.

ByeByeMaryHOur plan then was to move up to Bitton on Bank Holiday Monday, after a lovely Sunday lunch with Gordon’s family, and spend a day on the Avon Valley Steam Railway. We’d moored there a couple of days previously but the railway wasn’t open then. I did manage to catch a glimpse of a train when it went across the bridge above the boat!


It’s a beautiful mooring in some lovely countryside.


20140522_154726On Easter Monday the moorings were absolutely full up! No choice for us except to head into Bath a couple of days early and pray to Gladys (our personal parking/mooring Goddess) for a mooring.

There’s a few locks to work between Bitton and Bath and they all seem to have beautiful weirs.


Gladys turned up trumps when we arrived in Bath and there was just one mooring left on the river virtually in the middle of the city – barely large enough for the boat but Gordon managed to slot us in without bumping the boats on either side too much. We wandered up the canal later we were glad we took the first mooring we saw as the rest of the potential moorings were completely full!

BathMooringWe’re here in Bath for 3 days or so and are planning a nice relaxed visit to this lovely city.









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