A tour up a tower and a bizarre evening walk

We’ve visited Bath several times now (although this is the first time on a boat). We’d already seen the Roman Baths, the Crescent and many of the other touristy sights. I don’t reckon you can ever tire of Pultney Weir and Bridge – and they’re free unlike most other things in Bath!


My shot of Pultney Weir was photo bombed by a couple of gulls

This time I decided to photograph Pultney Bridge from the north side – just to make a bit of a change. According to Wiki it’s one of only four bridges in the world that are entirely lined with shops down both sides. I don’t know where the other three bridges are and Wiki was uncommunicative on that point.

NorthSidePultneyBridgeWe’d never seen the Abbey before so decided on a visit there to include a trek up the tower. It’s not as spectacular as some of the bigger Cathedrals we’ve visited but Bath Abbey does have its gems. The East window is lovely, as is the fan vaulting of the nave.





I do love a good eccentric carved tomb and this is a pretty fair example.  The cherub on the left looks like she’s on her mobile.


It was well worth the effort (and the £6 fee) to take the guided tour up the 212 steps to the very top of the abbey tower. Luckily you don’t have to climb it all at once as you stop in the bell ringing room, just over half way up. Listening to the talk on the bell ringing history of the abbey gave me some very welcome time to recover before carrying on with the climb.

20140527_114343The views from the top are spectacular.

ViewFromTowerLower viewOfAvonFromTower

ViewFromTowerOur tour started at 11.30 am so, after the break in the bell ringing room, we went straight to the top to avoid being completely deafened by the 12 o’clock chimes before descending to view the bell chamber and, below that, the back of the clock face.



The tour ends on the Bishop’s Balcony where you get to photograph the people who are photographing the West Facade of the Abbey. When we left I just had to swap over and photograph the Bishop’s Balcony from the outside.


WestFacadeThere are many things you can decide to do with your evenings in Bath – we plumped for the 90 minitue comedy Bizarre Bath Walk. You’re guaranteed at the start of the walk that you will learn absolutely nothing about the city. If you’re looking for a slice of Bath history you’re in the wrong place. The tour was led by a chap in a purple blazer carrying two purple balloons and a purple rucksack and Gordon got to blindfold him.

GordBlindfoldAmong other things there was an escapologist stuffed bunny called Stuart who was chained up and chucked in the river and a set of stocks for an unsuspecting member of the audience (luckily not me – I don’t think my knees would have been up to it!).


StocksAll in all 90 minutes worth of hilarity and mayhem and £8 each well spent.





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