Building up strength to tackle the Caen Hill Flight

When we left Bradford-on-Avon we headed to the Caen Hill Marina where we stayed for a couple of nights. It’s at the foot of the Caen Hill flight of 29 wide locks and is run by Cara and Rob who moored close to us when we were in Saul Junction. Also moored there is, Teresa, another of our old neighbours. It was lovely to catch up but unfortunately we were so busy chatting that I didn’t manage to get any more than this distant shot of Rob waving while he worked on a pontoon.


My laptop was a bit poorly and I’d arranged to drop it off to Blue Sky Computing in Devizes – a 3 mile walk away. Luckily Teresa took pity on us and gave us a lift which saved us an uphill trek!

Laptop safely delivered, we were left wondering what to do in Devizes for a day. It’s a bit of a no brainer really as Devizes is the home of the Wadworth Brewery which does brewery tours daily. Dressed in these fetching orange visivests we were shown around the brewery by an extremely knowledgeable guide whose enthusiasm for beer and the brewing process was infectious.


The tour includes a visit to sign writing workshop where all the Wadworth pub signs are produced, then to the stables to meet the horses who pull the drays that still deliver beer to Wadworth pubs within a couple of miles radius of Devizes.



This fellow seemed quite pleased to see us!

HorseThen it was back to the brewery for the arduous task of beer tasting.


We were given a taste of six beers (Ipanema, 6X, Bishop’s Tipple, Swordfish, Horizon and Corvus) and a tot of Pussers Rum.  Not anywhere near as alcoholic a visit as we paid to the Titanic Brewery in Staffordshire, but infinitely more informative.

Thus fortified we made our way back down the flight to the marina, taking the opportunity to assess the work we would have to do the following day bringing the boat back up!

CaenHillDownwardsOn the way back down we came across this sign posted by the Devizes Angling Association.

20140605_174113The idea of messy “canal path usurers’ ” gave me a smile.



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2 Responses to Building up strength to tackle the Caen Hill Flight

  1. Roger says:

    I notice in the sign shop there is “The Bell”, this is a pub in Broughton Gifford common, where Ellie had to drop a friend off and about 2 miles from where I’m trying to move to. Small world Dot…

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