A visit to ‘Crop Circle Central’

According to literature at the Barge Inn, the area around Honeystreet is ‘Crop Circle Central’. Bollocks I reckon, but it’s a great selling point for the pub!

HoneyStreetSignThey serve green beer called Alien Abduction – we had to give it a go but I’m afraid it didn’t taste an awful lot better than it looked.

AlienAbductionCroppie was a lovely pint and the pub brought out the inner hippy in us (OK it wasn’t buried very deeply in the first place). We spent an extremely happy couple of hours on their comfy sofas on a Sunday afternoon.


Gordon and his happy hat chilling with Jimi

The next morning we set out on a walk – not looking for crop circles but heading up onto the Marlborough Downs towards the Alton Barnes White Horse.

WhiteHorseIntheDistanceIt was carved out in 1816 on the side of Milk Hill which, along with Tan Hill is the joint highest point in Wiltshire at 294 metres. It’s quite a climb but the slope is gentle so you barely notice how high up you are until you look back.


The view across to Salisbury Plain on the way up to the horse

It was a lovely day and the sky larks were out in force singing their hearts out. It’s extremely peaceful – that is apart from the odd boom from the firing range on Salisbury Plain and the deafening noise of the occasional military helicopter.

Before you know it you’re right beside the horse which looked so far away viewed from the level of the canal!



Close up of the horse’s head

The views from the top were breathtaking.


On the left is Adam’s Grave – a neolithic long barrow


Nobody there but us and the cows

The downward trail we were following petered out and we managed to get a little lost, earning ourselves a dirty look from a local landowner for straying a few feet off the path onto their land – can’t say we were too upset by that!








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