A lovely weekend in Aldeburgh.

I managed to escape from the boat briefly last week and headed for a weekend in Aldeburgh with Jenny, Al and my lovely grandsons Seb and Josh. A visit to the beach is compulsory. AldeburghBeachOn this occasion the South Lookout was open and you could climb up the spiral staircase  right to the top.



View towards Sizewell from the top of the South Lookout


Seb in the top room of the South Lookout

I spent a lot of time playing with the boys in the garden.


JoshSebClimbingFrame Seb was most disappointed that Grandad Gordon hadn’t made it this time but we had a great time anyway. With World Cup fever abounding, football was the game of choice. Luckily Seb is still young enough to enjoy playing even when his opponent is, as he would say, ‘poop’.

SebFootball  We went to the park where Josh really enjoys using the gym equipment.

JoshClimbingFrame JoshAlExercise JoshExerciseSeb demonstrated his ukelele skills and introduced me to Bronson, his favourite alpaca

SebUkelele SebAlpaccaAll in all I had a brilliant time and I’m really looking forward to everyone getting together for Christmas in Cornwall!



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2 Responses to A lovely weekend in Aldeburgh.

  1. Sue Ellery says:

    Oh, that’s good – Cornwall for Christmas?? Excellent – hooley inevitable then…

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