A hungry horse and an unexpected reunion

I’ve never given any consideration to what happens when a horse towing a boat comes up against a line of moored boats until we witnessed it in Kintbury.  The problems occur when the person leading the horse has to manhandle the rope over all the obstacles on top of the boats while ensuring that no pedestrians are garroted in the process. To do this he was walking along the roof of the boats. Gord decided that if he stood on our roof and caught the rope for the beleaguered handler then he could hopefully protect our solar panels from a size 11 boot going through them.

HorseBoatIn the meantime the horse got a bit bored and decided to stop for a snack.

StoppingforasnackHe was eventually persuaded to move on still trailing a mouthful of greenery.

mmmchickweedOff into the distance he went….

BacktoWork…with a boatload of tourists trailing far behind him.


That evening we had a chance encounter with Ray and Leonie from nb Firefly. We’ve never met before but they’re fellow bloggers and I have always kept an eye on what they’re up to – it turns out that they’ve also been reading our blog. How gratifying to know that somebody looks at it!  I had to get an ‘On the Poop Deck Shot’ before they ambled back to their own boat.

RayLeonieYesterday we travelled from Newbury to Thatcham and were a little dismayed when there were no moorings left until we spotted Winton’s Folly! We hadn’t seen Carol and Barry since we left Aston Marina in March.

WintonsFollyWe breasted up and were soon on the tow path having a cuppa having a catch up and a general gossip…

20140621_164826….and not too long after that before we were in The Swan having a couple of early doors drinks.


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