A day in Windsor

We were planning to visit Windsor Castle yesterday but events decided otherwise. Windsor was even more jam packed than we had anticipated. Hoardes of tourists wandering round following guides with little red flags.

WindsorCrowds1We really couldn’t fancy standing in this queue for ages.

QueueforcastleSo we just had a wander around. The castle is an impressive building but it’s so large that you can’t really get a photograph of it from within the town. I’m hoping to get a better photograph when we carry on down the river.

CastleGatesVictoria directs traffic using her sceptre to point out to the overseas visitors that we drive on the left in this country.



Well fed swans gather in their hundreds beside the trip boat landings.


Somehow I don’t think this boat does a lot of cruising.


We had a stroll across the bridge and down towards Eton.

20140629_115535I don’t think the owners of the building next door would have been too happy if the demolishers had ignored this instruction!

Building Instruction EtonIn the evening, when the crowds had dispersed, these gypsies trotted through the middle of town.

Trotting2 TrottingNot our favourite place on the trip so far – so expensive and so crowded that we really didn’t enjoy it that much.





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2 Responses to A day in Windsor

  1. Jan says:

    We were stuck next to that boat for 2 weeks in April 2013 when the river was up. I wonder if he pays!! The delay stopped our trip on the Wey so looking forward to your blog and,Linda’s … She pointed me in your direction.

    • ewnhacul says:

      They certainly managed to collect our mooring fee when we were in Windsor! Shame you missed out on the Wey last time it really is lovely here – specially when the weather is as brilliant as it has been over the last few days.

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