I manage to break the boat!

We said goodbye to Guildford on a glorious day and headed off to Godalming


A delightful day for lunch in a riverside pub garden

Along the way we spotted this couple. We’d been expecting canoes and rowing crews but not a punt!


Have we been magically transported onto the Cam?

At Catteshall lock, just before arriving at Godalming, I was joined by this blackbird. I was amazed that he kept his perch even as I closed the lock gate beside him with a loud clank.


Mooring at Godalming proved unexpectedly difficult. Gordon, as usual when the bank is a touch tricky, jumped off to pull the boat into the side. Unfortunately the wind picked up at that point and he couldn’t keep control so the rope was pulled out of his hands and the boat started to do a bit of a twirl (remember Manchester Diane?). I was still aboard and it was down to me to turn her round and try to bring her back to the bank. Luckily we were in a wider section of river and there was room, unluckily the wind wasn’t helping. I ended up doing a 99 point turn and eventually got the boat back to the shore. I was quite proud of myself until I realised a piece of wood in the cratch had been snapped by a tree and the cratch cover was looking a little sad.  Luckily Gordon has an incredible store of bits of wood and managed to find just the right one to make a repair and I didn’t spend any time in the doghouse at all! Phew!

Even more luckily we managed to moor up just before the horse boat turned up.

HorseBoatGodalmingTown Bridge in Godalming marks the head of the navigable section of the the river, so this was as far as we were going to get along the Wey. All downhill from here back to the junction with the Basingstoke canal.


I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have squeezed under there!





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