On the road to recovery

Yesterday morning was spent waiting around for RCR to get back to us tell both us and Richard and Linda on Mary H where we should go to get the propellers sorted. Luckily for us the answer turned out to be just around the corner to a boatyard in Byfleet called TLC at Parvis Wharf on the River Wey. I don’t think we would have been happy trying to get much further under our own steam. The boats weren’t going to be lifted out as such, just hoisted up at the rear so the propellor could be examined and removed if necessary. This meant a major re-organisation of everything aboard the boat that might slide around when when she was hanging at a jaunty angle – including the wood on the roof! We’ve managed to maintain a pathway through but things are a little cluttered until the new prop is fitted.

RoofClearedThe rest of the story is probably best told in pictures.


Stuart and Julia the boatyard owners, along with Colin the engineer work out how the best way to go about the job while Gordon adds optical assistance


Ready to lift! Always a nerve wracking time for a boat owner about to see their pride and joy dangling above the water.


First view of the underneath


Oops – damage looking as bad as we’d feared but at least the propellor was the only thing to have suffered.


Colin, the engineer, suits up ready to go into the water to remove the prop


You’ve got to have some courage to work like that under a dangling steel boat!


I don’t think this will be propelling anything in the near future!



Gordon and Stuart pole the boat back to its mooring while Stuart merrily sings ‘Just One Cornetto’


We receive a visit from Dylan, one of Colin’s five huskies. What an . absolutely gorgeous dog!

Richard and Linda on Mary H proved luckier than us as their propellor proved to have been undamaged.  We’ve ordered our new propellor and all is in hand for it to be fitted. Hopefully in a couple of days we’ll be back on track and heading out on our travels again.

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