Keep calm and make pasties

We got no further forward with the propellor today as the new one won’t be delivered until tomorrow morning. The staff at TLC Boatyard have been incredibly helpful. We were fast running out of water, were down to our last Elsan Casette and had a bin full of rubbish. Julia organised someone to come in specially and open the Byfleet Boat Club giving us access to their water hose, Elsan and rubbish disposal. Thank you Ron! We’re now full of stuff you should be full of and empty of stuff you really don’t want hanging round the boat. With nothing else to do I decided to make pasties for the troops. Nine in all. Four for the staff in the boatyard (with an extra one for Dylan the husky just because he’s gorgeous and I’d got his daddy’s permission), two for our fellow boaters Linda and Richard and two for us. Lunch sorted for everyone then.


I know I said I made nine and there’s only eight here, one was still finishing off in t’t oven



Dylan’s attention is firmly focused on his pasty which is still to hot for him to wolf down

Not to waste a hot oven I also managed to turn out a batch of bread.

BreadWith a side of salmon and a ton of cheese smoking away nicely in R2D2 I think that all in all it’s been a pretty productive way to spend what could have been a wasted day. This evening I’m really looking forward to a pleasant evening with Linda and Richard aboard Mary H where we’re having dinner cooked for us. Perfect!


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3 Responses to Keep calm and make pasties

  1. Sue Ellery says:

    oh fgs woman – 9 pasties AND a batch of bread??? ffs… I would not attempt to compete…

  2. Steve. says:

    Pasty’s are looking good Dot, can all but smell ’em from here at Chywoone. Hope you are soon fixed up and away.

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